Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Movies, Marlene Dietrich and Makeup

I just came across an unusual and enjoyable blog about old movies. It is so late I was just able to give it a quick once over. It’s called Self Styled Siren. There is writing about and photos and clips from many old films. The only post I read all the way through was one about Fritz Lang’s difficulties making a Western. There is a long descriptive passage that is a quote from Henry Fonda who starred in the Western. Siren plainly loves and has read a lot about old movies. There is one other post I read all of. It was written by Siren on a friend’s blog. It is titled ‘Lipstick in Film’ and is about Marlene Dietrich’s lipstick. And her Lucky Strikes in a green tin also appear.

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S.logan said...

Thanks for sharing the site! I grew up on old movies - my dad was a pastor and anything made post-1965 was generally too scandalous for our young eyes and ears. Funny - I'm all grown now, but most of the time I still prefer the classics.