Friday, May 1, 2009

More Good Reading on the Net

At Jo-Joe Political Joe has a amazing easy to read post about President Obama’s recent press conference. Joe does not feel that Barry was always accurate and he proves that via a little trip through Washington, DC, the Constitution and recent history. It’s a fun trip because Joe’s prose is marvelously clear. In this piece as in the best of Joe’s prose the words never get in your way they just lightly draw you along. Joe's writing is deceptively simple since it is full of facts and ideas but never feels at all difficult to digest. I envy his ability with the English language.
Pundit and Pundette ask the questions that Brian Williams, George Stephanopoulos and Harry Smith don’t even understand. Like why close the schools but not the borders. Or what has beauty come to mean if a major magazine will apply it to Rahm Emanuel and Timothy Geithner. They also give you some photos of GTOs.
Jane Q. Republican writes about Obama’s reticence to make good on his promise to make abortions more available than candy bars. A good quote from Jane Q., “ Still, it’s interesting to see Obama flat-out renege on a core commitment to the Left.  I wonder just how many of these Mulligans he has remaining.” She also has a good little piece about the Chief’s snarkiness about Tea Parties and Fox News. The Man puts the ‘really petty’ in ‘just how really petty can you get?’ I like the graphic that goes with this one.
And so it goes in Shreveport has a post about some rather questionable behavior by ABC News and the ACLU. It seems they are making very public the identities and locations of a couple of psychologists who worked for the CIA. Read it for yourself because Pat lays it out clearly with its twists and with comparison to the Valerie Plame incident. Personally, it sounds to me like ABC and the ACLU are motivated by meanness and pay back. It’s not pretty and does not bode well for our ability to gether intelligence.
Betsy’s Page has a post about who might end up in Justice Souter’s seat and some of the internal complexities of the senate that might come into play. She has more about senate complexities in the next post about Democratic senators’ anger at Reid for giving Arlen Spector seniority credit in the Democrat caucus for all of his years as a Republican. The piece bears reading since there are some twists that Betsy explains very clearly.


Joe said...

You are too kind. I hope someday to live up to the standards you laid out.

Chris M. said...

You're already there. Maybe you don't realize the talent you have for writing clearly and simply. But you have the gift.