Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another California Slimebag: Nancy Pelosi Looking For A Scaprgoat

Congress takes millions of dollars and lots of favors from Wall St. and the banks and is now trying to put the blame for what they did on the people whose bribes they took. There is no honor among thieves.
This is from the San Francisco Gate:
“Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that the American people are demanding "discipline and accountability" after the multibillion-dollar federal bailouts, promised Wednesday to create a legislative commission with broad oversight to investigate the causes of Wall Street irregularities and their full costs to taxpayers.
. . . . .
“"We're going to have a commission ... even if it is only in the House of Representatives," Pelosi pledged, saying it would allow Americans "to have a clearer understanding of how we got here - and the risk that's been taken by the taxpayers in all this."“

I’ve been running my own investigation for a while now. And I am convinced that if congress had regulated these businesses properly we wouldn’t be in this mess. But since she wants to do some investigating, we really need to look into how much money and what sweetheart deals were given to members of congress by all of these people Pelosi now wants to put all of the blame on. Could she just tell me how much one has to pay a slew of congress people to have the privilege ruining the economy in a way that makes me the most money?
A real give away that this is a pathetic crooked joke is the next quote: “She said the move coincides with legislation she soon will send to President Obama on financial institution regulation and reform, "so we have transparency ... discipline and accountability to the American taxpayer."“ If Pelosi had any interest in transparency, discipline and accountability she would have brought some to congress. But all movement from her has been in the opposite direction. And now that the public is angry she is looking for a scapegoat for her own derelictions.

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