Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bob Shrum Continues to Spread Confusion and Destruction

Bob Shrum had a few unkind things to say about the Republican party. This quote gives much of the flavor:
“Then The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson, one of the few Bush aides to emerge from that administration with a reputation worth having, vigorously banged the same tin drum, arraigning Obama as “the most polarizing new president.”
“The charge is based on what could only be a conscious misreading of the Pew report. Analyzed honestly, the poll suggests that it is Republicans who are polarized, not the country. In their first months in office, according to Pew, both Obama and Ronald Reagan rolled up high, nearly identical approval ratings among voters—about five points higher than George W. Bush’s and 10 points higher than Bill Clinton’s. However, contemporary Republicans disdain Obama; their faithful gather in a shrunken and angry corner of the electorate while the party’s moderates have defected to become independents who support this president with near-record enthusiasm. What the Pew poll really shows is that Obama is on his way to redrawing the political demography of America.
“In politics, the smaller a party gets, the more small-minded it becomes. With only 24 percent of voters identifying themselves as Republicans, the GOP is being miniaturized. The pettiness plays out on every conceivable stage—from the do-nothing, denounce-everything Republican minority in Congress to the do-anything Republican attempt to overturn the Senate election in Minnesota, and the say-anything attacks of right-wing talk radio. Democrats, who had every reason to be bitter after the 2000 election, actually gave Bush a job approval rating almost 10 points higher than the one Republicans now begrudge Obama—and they did so during the floundering, pre-9/11 muddle of the Bush presidency.”

Does he hate the player? I think he does. It reminds of the old truism, “If God seems far away, guess who moved.” But like any really good Democrat ideologue he’s turned it into the impious, “If Barack seems far away, guess who moved.”
Typical of a Democrat, if he doesn’t like reality he redefines terms to make reality look like he wants it to look. So now ‘normal = Democrat’ and ‘center of universe = Barack Obama.’
And he has no trouble doing that because he doesn’t respect words. He goes in believing that reality can be what ever he wants it to be and he can twist words to help make it so. My approach is that there is reality out there and we use words to communicate about reality and to more clearly define and describe it. His approach is that of an atheist manipulated by Mephistopheles to set creation aflame and spread destruction like Kali, the killer goddess. Other than that, I'm cool with him.

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