Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Woman Is Obama’s Point Man On Infanticide And Rationing Healthcare

There is so much going on in President Obama’s first hundred days that some very important things are going unnoticed. In the stimulus bill there was language to institute the rationing of healthcare. And Obama’s nominee to run healthcare (and give advice to Dem power players on how to cheat on their taxes) is very open to the idea of rationing healthcare. As near as I can tell the first targets slated to lose medical care are the elderly. Which makes sense if you’re a Chicago pol. Why not kill people who are likely to vote against you? And it would be a stark object lesson to everyone else. See, you’re just a normal Joe who is happy to have government paid healthcare finally passed. Then, in the space of a year or two your parents, most of your aunts and uncles and many of your friends’ parents die. You wake up a little. Then you start hearing stories about anti-Castro Cubans who are now American citizens having trouble getting the most basic healthcare while many of them die from avoidable skin cancers. Most would be outraged. A few might even say something. But a great many will just ask themselves, “How do I convince the Butcher of Chicago that I am on his side before its too late for me?” America will no longer be the land of the free. It will become divided into those blessed by Big Brother with medical care vs. the sick and nearly dead: another brave new world.
Kathleen Sibelius had a little tax problem that she didn’t take care of until she had a chance to join Obama’s cabinet. And seeing the light about paying their taxes is beginning to look like the main qualification for an Obama cabinet post. But Sibelius has more to offer. She also lied to the senate committee about some campaign financing issues and about her long time ties to a late term abortion provider. And when we say late term we’re talking after birth in some cases. Before congress and the media became filled up with lies and liars and a presidential fan was elected this was called infanticide. As near as I can tell Sibelius will tell the truth if there is absolutely no other choice. Lacking obvious proof of perjury it’s Katie bar the door. Is this becoming a new standard for major officials: they’ll lie to you if they can get away with it? The remainder of this post is some exact quotations from a Life Site story about the twists and turns of a lying official doing the Perjury Dodge.

Republican senators blocked Sebelius' confirmation vote, and the same day the Kansas governor vetoed yet another state law that would have restricted late-term abortions.
"Significant questions remain about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' evolving relationship with a late-term abortion doctor as well as about her position on the practice of late-term abortions," said Steele in a press release today.  "The Senate should not vote, nor should Gov. Sebelius be confirmed, until these questions are answered fully and completely."
Steele pointed out that Gov. Sebelius "has not been forthcoming" about her financial relationship with Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller. 
"She [Sebelius] admitted the full extent of the political contributions she received from Dr. Tiller only after press reports contradicted her previous financial statements," Steele pointed out.
The GOP Chairman also challenged Sebelius to publicly reveal her position on "the extremist and heinous practice of late-term abortions."
"The vast majority of Americans do not support the concept of late-term abortions," said Steele.  "They deserve to know whether President Obama's choice to be the nation's top health official supports these indefensible procedures."
Steele said that until Gov. Sebelius provides "clear and complete answers to these questions," the Senate should not vote on her confirmation. 
. . . . .. . .
Sen. John Kyl (R-Ariz.), the same senator who questioned Sebelius on her abortion ties, issued a press release Monday saying that he would not support Sebelius' nomination because she supports initiatives that could lead to a rationing of healthcare, to the disadvantage of the elderly and disabled.
"She [Sebelius] left me with no assurance that HHS, federal health care programs, or any new entity - such as the Federal Coordinating Council - will not use comparative effectiveness research as a tool to deny care," said Kyl.  "And this should be a matter of concern to all of us."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"'Allocation of health resources' is a euphemism for denying care based on cost," said Kyl.  "Yet, Governor Sebelius did not agree to pull this project."
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