Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Reading on the Net

A few of my favorite logs have some great posts up.
Jane Q. Republican has two good pieces about swine flu, pandemics and reflections on the MSM’s response to the latest outbreak. Jane gives a list of congressmen co-sponsoring a bill to audit the Fed. My congressman isn’t there and so here’s one more reason he might not get my vote (are you listening John Campbell?). Jane also has a detailed post about Mexican immigration law and why we might learn something from them. This is one of the things Jane does best: She does a lot of research on a topic and then lays it out for you in clear, easy to read prose.
Pundit and Pundette have a funny and sad piece about Tom Shales coverage of the Prez’s press conference. Shales glows with admiration about Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow. Here a sad/funny quote about people on the right like me, “The disbelievers will still be unconvinced, but there appear to be relatively few of them, and many are just the predictable strident voices of the kind of partisan pedantry that Obama has said he abhors.” Some of the sadness comes from the willingness of Shales and Obama (who once promised to the president of all Americans) to summarily write off between fifty and a hundred million Americans. P & P also have a post about Obama’s plans to ration health care. This section is sad because it is so true, “When it comes to human life, Obama takes a utilitarian point of view. He measures the value of a baby's life by the legal implications rescuing it might create. May God save us from the kind of "independent group" his administration will create to decide for us who is worthy, and under what circumstances would continuing medical care constitute throwing good money after bad.
“Don't forget that for Obama, some people are merely temporarily alive.” But this is not a summary. The whole piece deserves reading especially since this is another issue totally ignored by the worshipful dinosaur media.
There is also a short thing with a link to some video of a Kansas City protest of a few thousand people who take issue with some Obama policies. This good sized demonstration was ignored by the MSM. Yet they so often find space for a couple of dozen paid protesters from ACORN. How could it happen that people whose job is to know what’s going on be so out of touch?
What I like about Pundit and Pundette, besides their great taste in music and their brazen admiration of Mark Steyn and their beautiful layout, is that they write about topics that aren’t written about elsewhere. And when they cover the same topics as everyone else they approach it in a new and different way that I would never have expected. Reading them makes me feel so utterly mundane but I’d never stop because the site gives my synapses a surge.
And so it goes in Shreveport today has much to offer the conservative in search of truth. There is a fact finding piece that details some of the untruths spread by the Prez in his press conference yesterday. Then comes an important piece about a speech The Man and his teleprompter gave for Holocaust Remembrance Day. This line will keep you reading, “Obama's view of the genocide is a great deal different than pretty much everyone else's.” And a full reading of the post left me more aware than ever just how differently Obama sees the world than any of our leaders since at least Teddy Roosevelt. A new approach isn’t necessarily bad. But this one might not be the best thing to happen to us. And Attlee and Wilson will begin to shine by comparison. Pat also has a post about Larry Summers and Obama’s approaching health care rationing. Best read this because the dinosaur media are not inclined to cover the issue. Next is a post about reconciliation (also called the nuclear option), its history and why it is inappropriate for legislation that brings as much large and fundamental change as health care reform. Though Arlen might have rendered this a nonissue. But the lack of perspective of the Obamabots is unsettling. Finally, Pat has a great video that puts the proposed Obama budget cuts in perspective. I would suggest that to truly lead by example the First Family decrease the $50 a pound steaks and jetted in pizza. They could eat some hamburger, hot dogs and mac and cheese and cut back on the endless millions spent jetting around to lecture instead of listen.
At insert clever s. logan here Suzanna has a post about Edmund Burke. Many years ago Burke’s ‘Reflections on the Revolution in France’ was often cited as a fundamental work of conservative thinking. It is also considered by many to be one of the great books of the Western tradition. I have not read it yet. But it is a good idea for the near future. Suzanna’s post offers many quotations from Burke. And as usual he always sounds sensible and level headed.
My favorite post ever from Suzanna at insert clever s.logan here was the recent one where she described her upcoming mission work in Atlanta’s inner city. She movingly told the story of how she came to make this decision. I was inspired and felt a palpable uplifting of my enjoyment of life and people for a couple of days after reading that post. She needs financial help to get her through and one can contribute in the upper right hand corner of her site. She also needs our prayers.
At Jo-Joe Politico there is a post about the swine flu and the media reaction. Joe does not say this but I suspect that the dinosaur media are hyping this story so much just to give Obama some cover from his ongoing incompetence and the many Americans demonstrating in opposition to some of his policies. Then Joe has a piece chronicling some of Obama’s larger mistakes since taking office. Joe calls it Obama’s war on achievement. Once again I’m not speaking for Joe but I would have preferred to lay off the criticism of Obama for one or two hundred days and let him have a honeymoon. But after he pushed through the ‘stimulus’ bill with no discussion or deliberation I felt an obligation to give voice to so much reality that the dinosaur media has taken to ignoring. Historians are going to have to read blogs to know what happened during these dark ages of censorship. Finally we come to my favorite recent post from Joe. It is a number of quotes from congress people and senators that demonstrates where the impetus behind banking and credit deregulation and the promotion of unsafe loans came from. It’s some pretty damning stuff and you won’t come across it on CBS or NBC.
Betsy’s Page is good today. There is an examination of an agreement among the union owned Obama administration, the UAW and GM. The union and Obama with their GM stock get most of the equity and profits and the private bond holders get screwed. Normally (if financial genius Barack Obama weren’t president) the bond holders would be taken care of before stock holders would be given a share. I guess the main lesson is to minutely examine the political landscape before investing. It might even pay to listen to Rush.
Betsy also has an interesting post on the effect Obama’s presidency has been having on the teaching about the Civil War, student behavior in class and the gap in test scores between black and nonblack students. Some teachers feel that they are only now able to talk honestly about the issues of the Civil War. I’m not going to try and explain why any school would evenwant to employ a teacher so easily swayed to dishonesty. As for students testing much better when a man of their color is president, how much of a stretch is it from that little racist gem to the genocidal idea that life would just be so much better if there were only black people in the world. [All of the opinions here are mine not Betsy’s.]

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