Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Pays Off Unions for Campaign Contributions by Making It Easier for Their Leaders to Steal Member's Money

It's an ugly story. But Obama has lots of them. Below are two paragraphs from Stop the ACLU.

"Well, we can’t say no one saw this one coming, but Obama has turned back rules that had been put in place to force unions to be more transparent in their financial reporting. These rules were meant to stop union fraud, theft, and embezzlement but in an effort to pay back his supporters, Obama has turned these rules back so that unions can find it easier to hide illicit financial transactions.
"Naturally, one of the chief opponents to union transparency that fought the Bush administration, Deborah Greenfield, is now in the Obama administration. It was Greenfield that fought the financial reporting rules when she was a lawyer for the AFL-CIO. She was against forcing unions to account for all their illicit cash and secret accounts then. Now that she is in charge of implementing such rules she has been a major part of eliminating them so that unions could more easily hide their financial dealings from union members and the government."

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yukio ngaby said...

Hope and change in action... Reaffirming the old AFL-CIO connection.

And the UAW are on board at Chrysler. Wanna bet which auto company's going to be 1st in line for the next bailout?