Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lefty Attack on the Right Blogosphere

The last couple of weeks I have been seeing many more lefties trolling through conservative sites. They must have gotten orders from the mother ship.
They can get to be a real pain since most of them are incapable of reasoned discourse. They seem to think that unfounded slanders and baseless accusations of evil qualify as debate. You can go back and forth with them at length but they never seem to learn that their lack of evidence and lack of connected chains of reasoning leaves them eternally a whining, cursing child. These attacks from the lefties are causing conservatives to sharpen their powers of observation and reasoning. But the lefties' inability to learn or improve or even listen can be frustrating.
It is sometimes fascinating to watch the intellectually primitive grunting and groaning of the lefties. Often their answer to something is to tell you where on the net you got the info and then they will gloatingly point out that your supposed source was also the source for something that many lefties disagree with. They somehow see this as total destruction of your position.
Their most common approach to any discussion is what I call, ’attack, attack, attack.’ If you deliver an argument or evidence that would normally be seen as fatal to their position, they will ignore it and launch a highly judgmental attack on some conservative somewhere. If you respond to each one of these attacks (and they have a million of them) by pointing out that they have gone off topic and demand that they reply to your ignored last point, they will finally quit returning to that thread. Though they might leave as a final post a nasty personal attack.
But their essence in discussion is an unfailing ability to find fault with anyone but themselves. Their pathological pattern seems to manufacture for them a self-assigned sense of moral superiority. I’m not even presently going to try and figure what types of youthful trauma might have caused this sick need.


Pat said...

Ha! If I didn't know better I'd think you were referring to "Anonymous" and "Anonymoose!" on my blog! You and Yukio are good at beating those crapweasels down!

Seriously, I've noticed an increase too. It must be in the JournoList rule book.

Chris M. said...

There have been so many of them so suddenly I'm convinced that whoever is behind must have some nefarious motive. I just can't figure out what it is. I am fairly sure that the puppet master knows these drones couldn't convince Clinton to cheat on his wife. But I could be wrong. Maybe every one on the left really thinks rational people will be persuaded by these empty heads.