Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scarborough: Torture Opponents Are Inviting Terror Attack

From 4-17-09 I have the impression Mika feels certain things should not be discussed.


Joe said...

For those of you who can't see, let me explain the difference between "water boarding" and terrorism.

In "water boarding," people are subjected to much discomfort, but to NO, absolutely NO danger. It is supervised and relief is just moments of discomfort away.

It's very unpleasant - by design.

In torture and terrorism, harm IS done, all the way from pulling finger nails out, to branding, to electrical shock to un-namable portions of the anatomy, to blood letting to throat cutting to beheading.

In other words: Terrorism/torture equals danger. "Water boarding" equals discomfort, fear and results.

Anti-wterboarders are fools who do not care whether we find the people who attacked us, or who will attack us in the future.

Chris M. said...

Have you noticed that none of these self-righteous foes of the water board are voting with their feet?
And even if they moved to s country that doesn't use extreme techniques, they would still be defended from external threats by the American military.