Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maybe Tea Parties Are Just Too Delicate And Civilized For The MSM

Some citizens getting together to express their views on tax policy nearly drove the dinosaur media crazy. They reacted in a strange combination of anger and lockstep ideological purity. And most of them just couldn't stop the endless giggling references to their own tribal sexual deviancy (of course a deviant sexual practice is most any that I haven't engaged in). Below (from Zombietime) are some examples of some hateful, bizarre, unpatriotic and even murderous outpourings at lefty protests that never bothered the MSM enough to mention much less snigger derisively at. I think it might have been Katie Couric who first said, “Why have a double standard unless it painfully unfair and palpably obvious. . . . And is this where I sign up to start royally screwing working class, middle American women?”

ht/Notoriously Conservative

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