Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What President Was Just Described As, "wimpiest metrosexual this side of the men's grooming-products counter at Barney's.?"

Ralph Peters in today's NY Post had the following to say about Obama:

"Obama needs to get up off his knees. Foreign leaders have already pegged him as the wimpiest metrosexual this side of the men's grooming-products counter at Barney's.
. . . . . .
"Grinning from ear to ear, our president embraced a man who persecutes, jails and, yes, terrorizes Venezuela's last democratically elected officials as he runs a once-vibrant economy into the ground. (Will we soon send aid to Caracas to compensate for the drop in the price of oil?)
"Obama should be supporting those who respect the rule of law and the outcome of contested elections, the leaders of such diverse political systems as those of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. Instead, he lent his prestige to our declared enemies -- thugs who are doing great harm to their own people.
What we saw on display wasn't just the horrifying naivete the Obama administration shows throughout its foreign policy, but something even more worrisome: our president's greatest weakness.
"He needs adulation. He's hooked on it. The crowds and clapping and cameras are O's cocaine (these days).
"But to what end? Is it worth humiliating our country for a pat on the back and a fist bump from Hugo Chavez? When the ovations end, as they ultimately will, what will be left for the country our self-adoring president was elected to lead?
Whose president is he?"


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