Monday, April 20, 2009

Axelrod Triumphant: Trains Going INTO Mexico Now Being Searched

Yes, the agents of hope and change are making tremendous progress in twisting and reversing everything. No longer are illegal immigrants taking American jobs and breaking American laws a priority. No longer are drugs from South of the border or murdering drug gangs a significant concern of our government. No, in a perverse and deranged shift in priorities we are are going to waste limited resources searching trains going South. That's what Axelrod said on Face the Nation yesterday. When Obama was running for president I felt that he lacked executive experience and was too inexperienced for the job. Well, now we know I was right. The same nonpartisan leader of all Americans who claimed to not have even heard of the Tea Parties [what a liar] has stood idly by while DHS stops protecting American jobs. My message to Barack: "OK I was right about you being incompetent. Please stop going to such foolish lengths to make me look good. Mix it up a little. Leave something for your successor to f**k up. Maybe try the old Castanza opposite routine for a while: whatever makes the most sense to you, just do the exact opposite. It just might save the Republic. And the Americans whose jobs are saved will be grateful. Besides, I really don't need to be right all the time. Thank you, Mr. President."

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