Saturday, April 18, 2009

Regarding Garafalo

Garafalo probably suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.  The extreme tattoos are a real give away.  Because of the disorder she is incapable of clear reasoning about the world around her.  She will tend to split the world up into her friends who are totally good and her enemies, the right wingers, who are infinitely evil.  It is a little sad because she is doomed to see the world in this severely split way and will never be capable of seeing it as it is.  She is doomed to always project her inner conflicts onto the outer world.  She has manufactured a bunch of pseudo-intellectual rationalizations, such as seeing Stockholm syndrome and 'limbic brains' in numbers far beyond what is warranted.  And she goes from talk show to talk show trotting out these weak and misapplied rationalizations.  I have quoted below some descriptive material about the disorder from Peter Fox‘s site:  "Yet, contrary to what one would expect of this degree of self-absorption, these folk can have surprisingly little inner life and little autonomous self-worth. "Their facile self-esteem sounds conceited and noxious.
"As a consequence they are rarely satisfied with life's gifts - everyone else is to blame for the shortfall.
"Even without an identity or an inner life, there is still a signature bad temper - the narcissistic rage of frustrated entitlement. They can rage for weeks over a tiny mishap in their work, family or marital life.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 
"Denial of accountability drives their default position of me-me-me no-responsibility, I'm-right-you're-wrong to an extreme.
.  .  .  .  .  . 
"Those with NPD have a noxious self-esteem - taking the glory no matter what another's contribution to a shared task. "


Steve Burri said...

Chris M.,

That is why I have suggested to President Obama to relieve that wimp Napolitano of her DHS duties and appoint Garofalo, a real security tiger.

Thanks for your helpful advice in a comment over on Pundit & Pundette. The taxing and/or seizure of my scrotal contents is something I will strongly defend against.

I declare, however, that my blog home grants far more useless power than this one ever will! Come on over for a visit when you can and fill your cranial vault to overflowing.

Jack said...

Garlfalo should stand in front of a mirror and repeat 100 times "I am a lady" then promptly hang herself. She just might die thinking she was a lady

TheBender said...

Only one, albeit driven by emotion, comment - Garafalo is a pig, hate monger, and delusional. The fact that her comments were unchallenged is a further condemnation of NBC and that idiot Oberman.