Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grassroots Are Just A Beginning

There have been endless accusations from the American Pravda, i. e., the networks, CNN, the NYT, the LAT. etc., that the Tea Parties were not true grassroots efforts. Of course, they are shameless liars. But I hope this whole movement doesn’t develop a drive to remain grassroots and only semi-organized. The Democratic Party is receiving massive infusions of federal money and backup from the full weight of the federal bureaucracy. Those of us who believe the federal government needs to be saved from the Democrats can’t stay just grassroots and hope to win. I am not sure what form or direction the organizing should take. But much more organization and coordination will be necessary. I am not so sure the national Republican Party is worthy of our support. All of the Republican national leaders are more concerned with chasing after a few dollars from lobbyists to even give much time or attention to the issues that move the Tea Party people. I don’t know what the answer is. But that answer will have to include becoming more than grassroots.


Pat said...

"I am not so sure the national Republican Party is worthy of our support. "

You're right, Chris; this is what really troubles me as well. I'm looking really hard for the real leaders of our party and I'm not seeing it. There are a few that would be "acceptable" candidates in 2012 (and I know it's early), but no clear star just yet. Everyone points to Jindal, but I'm seeing him as a possible VP candidate right now. Again, still early.

I have hope for, but some problems with, Paul Ryan.

I like Vitter along, especially his voting record, but he has that nasty prostitution thing to deal with.

It's early but time marches on! We need to get it together.

(Oh and thanks for the comments on my blog - that Anon. just wears me out! Good discussion over there!)

Chris M. said...

Mark Sanford of SC looks like a possibility. I also like Sarah Palin. But Pravda has been going to great lengths to keep building her negatives. For many in the center she needs to show real foreign policy chops. But I bet she's studying in her spare time.
Funny, but everyone you and I have mentioned are more qualified than Barack Obama. And all of them will do a better job than Obama. But they would have to survive actual vetting from Pravda as well as lies and distortions.

Steve Burri said...

Maybe John McCain will be available for 2012. Or Ahnold...

Paul Ryan is my rep. At times he is brilliant, at others...???

My (only half joking) lineup for the future: Palin/Jindal, 8 years. Then Jindal/Ryan, 8 years. Then Ryan/?