Sunday, April 12, 2009

Note to Black Voices

This appeared very recently:
MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian advertising agency has used an image resembling U.S. President Barack Obama to promote a new vanilla-and-chocolate ice cream, drawing the ire of human rights groups who said the ad was vulgar.
Ice Cream Plant No. 3 in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg launched last week a new brand named Duet.
The poster features a computer-generated caricature of a broadly smiling figure resembling Obama standing in front of the [Capitol] with the ice cream in the foreground.
The strapline reads: "It's on everyone's lips -- the Dark is in the White!"

The site Black Voices replied:
"Note to the international community: Cut it out! Stop using President Obama to sell snacks and services.
"First there was Obama chicken fingers from Germany. Now, there's Duet ice cream out of Russia to add to the color obsessed Obama-food pyramid"

To which, this reply:
Note to Black Voices maybe the Russians lack the twisted view of race common to Americans. Maybe it does not appear obvious to them that only blacks and Democrats should be allowed to decide what can be said about blacks while any racist black, white or other freely makes insulting comments about Jews, Poles, red necks and what have you. Maybe every other country has not tried to write a racist double standard into stone.

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