Monday, April 27, 2009

First Hundred Mistakes and The Hipness Is All

The New York Post has a list of the first hundred mistakes from the first hundred days of the Obama administration. I don’t think they even noticed how hip he is. If Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and the other drafters of the Constitution had been as capable as the MSM of plumbing the depths of Obama’s hipness they would not have worried about such insignificant things as constitutional rights and protections. Adams and Jefferson and Madison would surely have said, “All any citizen really wants is to support the expensive lifestyle and endless spending of a really hip dude.” In light of all the hipness we’ve been blessed with it would not have even bothered them that congress has quit reading the legislation they vote on. As for all of the tax cheats in the cabinet, Jefferson would have understood that you can’t have standards, self-respect and hipness. Jefferson would have known that even if the attendant foolishness means that you are screwed for sure, you’d at least be taking the fall with a true hipster in charge and you’d also have the great joy of looking at some really hip retouched photos. Franklin would have understood that writing about what is happening can be really hard work for a reporter. But to spend your days hanging around a bar with other reporters and collectively judging hipness and all writing the same story is an easy life.


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