Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There Once Was A Senator From California Who Lied And Disrespected her Constitutients

A few weeks ago I wrote emails to my congressman and both of my senators generally berating them for, among other things, giving themselves pay raises while they were telling me these are the worst economic times of my life. A waste of time and energy I know but sometimes I just get weird about things like this. I know no one in their offices reads mail from constituents who are not large donors. You must check a box for the subject of your email or it will not be sent. Then some computer sends you the same answer about that issue that everyone else with that box checked gets. I got no reply from John Campbell or Barbara Boxer. But I won’t vote for any of them since they won’t read legislation before voting on it. After about a month I recently got an answer from Diane Feinstein. Except for my much improved salutation I reproduce Di Fi’s reply completely and exactly here.

Dear Californian who is stupid enough to live in a bankrupt state that has senators and congressmen who don’t give an eff what you think or want, ugly moneyless moron that you are,

“Thank you for contacting me about my salary as a United States Senator. I appreciate hearing from you.
“I understand that you would like to see Members of Congress reject the automatic cost of living increase to our annual salary. Annual adjustments take effect immediately unless disapproved by Congress. They are determined by a formula called the Employment Cost Index, which considers changes reflected in private industry wages and salaries. Since 1994, Congress has refused an increase in pay six times.
“The Omnibus Appropriations Act, which was signed into law on March 11, 2009, includes a provision to eliminate the 2010 pay raise for Members of Congress. Additionally, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has offered a bill, S.542, which would repeal the provision of law that provides for automatic pay adjustments for Members of Congress. Majority Leader Reid has made a commitment to consider and vote on this bill in the near future.
“Although I have repeatedly donated my pay raises to charity, I understand the implications of repealing the automatic adjustment for those who rely on the increase to cover the costs associated with being a Member of Congress, such as dual residency in the District of Columbia and their home state.
“Please know that I understand your support for rejecting Congress' automatic pay increase and I will keep your thoughts in mind as the Senate considers this issue. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,”

Isn’t that sweet. She’s taking our money for the sake the many penniless, under paid members of congress. Is anyone else suspicious about the assertion that there are members of congress who just don’t have enough money? The only ones that would apply to would be the ones who seen their opportunities and then didn’t take them. I have yet to see any evidence that there are any such among the present pack in office.
Of course Di doesn’t need anymore federal money because, while chairperson of a subcommittee she gave contracts to her husband worth in excess of half a billion dollars. She has already overfed at the public trough. And that is a part of my email she didn’t address. I told her I feel she should resign because she is an unethical disgrace to her state and her country. Strangely no word back on that.
If I sound angry there is a simple explanation for that: I am angry, anyone aware of what’s going on would be.


S.logan said...

My parents are also two stupid Californians, and although I'm not living there now, if my driver's license counts for anything, I am, too.

But we can't be ALL mad at Ms. Frankenstein, er, Feinstein can we? I mean she IS keeping your thoughts in mind.

I have one thought in mind for
HER ... but I'm too much of a lady to put it in writing.

Chris M. said...

I am honored to have you comment at my site. You have been very much in my thoughts and prayers since I read your post about your calling. I am jealous of your your youth, your clarity and your sense of purpose. I wish you the best as you makea fresh start. snaggletoothie