Friday, April 3, 2009

Ace on Why They Hate Sarah Palin So Much

Ace gave a number of possibilities stuck in with a little about Allahpundit's crusade to save Michelle Obama from certain slings and arrows (Allah can't seem to decide whether he wants to spend more time defending lefties from the mean conservatives or spearheading lefty directed attacks on conservatives in that part of the blogosphere that is drifting left). Ace wrote: "I think this is overdetermined, personally. A smart friend of mine -- a Democrat who supports Palin -- boils it down to "Professional women hate her because, as a group, they hate themselves and hate their lives and hate their husbands, and resent this working-class upstart for having the life (and husband) they wish they did." Clarification: He was speaking of liberal-ish, feminist ball-buster type women, of course. Not all professional women. I really should have made that clear, but I didn't, so now professional women are defending themselves in the comments. I apologize -- I screwed up. I knew what I meant in my own mind but didn't write it properly. Obviously, professional women who like Palin are not so gripped with envy."
This is Ace quoting a good explanation from VanDerLeun: "In playing to the weak, wallflower women who don’t want to distinguish themselves in any way, feminism has become an advocacy group for those who lack appeal. With time, it has become an advocacy group for those women who work at not having any appeal. And I’m not talking sex appeal. I mean, being ready to engage in dialogues instead of monologues; talking to people in some way other than as a cross stepmother; motivating your man to come home instead of go out somewhere else, when he’s in the mood for some sex; acting like that’s important to you. We’ve seen the incremental rise of a counterculture of females who are in a great hurry not to have any appeal to anyone else, or to be beholden to anyone else — except other females who don’t have any appeal to anyone else and aren’t beholden to anyone else. They’re a grown-up version of those chubby goth chicks you knew in high school who didn’t know how to behave in public, didn’t care to learn, were horribly out of shape, and kept to their own at all times.
"Most of our female politicians seem to think that’s their constituency. This is a sensitive paradigm, and the prospect of shifting it makes a lot of people uncomfortable."

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