Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Seems That The NYT Was Covering Up For Obama AndACORN

Warner Todd Huston has a post at Stop the ACLU about all of this. He has interviewed the ACORN whistle blower. He finds the story more complicated than originally reported. The new wrinkle is that the Times was also trying to protect itself financially. Read all of Huston's post. But it remains pretty much accepted that the NYT covered up a major story that could have cost Obama the election. Here's a little quote from the whistle blower, Moncrief, "The article she is referring to was the last one she wrote on ACORN in which they report that ACORN’s own lawyer Beth Kingsley released that Project Vote and ACORN were basically shared staff, the same things… so they couldn’t tell whether the money that was being spent for the C3 was actually being used for C4 activities. And of course she mentioned that the Obama campaign denied all ties with ACORN. At the time she had the information, she had the donor list, she had the donor list since August and she had got evidence from myself and other whistleblowers that there had been a meeting that had taken place between the Obama camp and ACORN. None of that stuff was printed."

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