Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Tearful Barack Obama Addressed The Nation

A tearful Barack Obama addressed the nation without his beloved teleprompter. He said, "I resign as president of the United States. I can no longer live with all of the lies, blaming everyone else and trampling of great traditions. I can no longer respect myself if I continue to ignore the needs of every American while I take every call from George Soros and follow all of his orders. I am sick and tired of being in the power of every corporation, lobbyist and foreign interest group that donated to my campaign." He then turned to the salivating reporter from Fox News and added, "April Fool!" Then he smiled and said, "You should have noticed that this geek can't write as well as me."

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yukio ngaby said...

-Heh- We can only wish.

Great quote from C.S. Lewis by the way.